Safer Medicines

Reliable Systems

Safer Culture

A quality improvement programme in primary care at Auckland and
Waitemata District Health Boards to reduce preventable patient harm



2020-21 Learning Year Kicks Off Soon!

The SiP 2020-21 learning year is soon to kick off! Have you selected your clinical modules for the year? What about your prescribing indicator if you're a GP practice? or your Safety Culture Tool? If ...

COVID-19: Team and Human Factors to Improve Safety

"Healthcare is a fundamentally human endeavor; its reliability and the capacity to provide it are tested under stressful conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be an especially difficult t...

Quality and safety in the time of Corona virus: design better, learn faster

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health systems to change much faster than normal. Many staff have experienced training in quality improvement and patient safety methods which can be used to support...


Michael Hammond

Project Manager

Sreeja Nair

Data Manager

Sue French

Improvement Advisor

Diana Phone

Pharmacy Clinical Lead