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Where do I find the invoicing template?

The invoicing template can be found here under additional resources

How do I invoice?

A guide to invoicing can be found here on the additional resources page. If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us at info@safetyinpractice.co.nz

Where do I find my agreement number?

Your agreement or contract number can be found on the top right-hand side of each page of your agreement/contract

Query Build Basics

I can't get the the medication reconciliation query build to run in Medtech 32?

Ensure the date and DHB are set correctly (they default to Counties Maukau DHB in 2015!). For more information see this guide.

My practice uses Profile?

Profile is a new area for us. We're happy to work with you. Please contact us to discuss.

I can't find a MyPractice or Medtech Evolution query build for DMARDs, opioids or protecting kidneys?

We work with vendors as and when to develop these queries. Please contact us to discuss further.

I can't get the results handling query build to run properly in Medtech 32?

Once you've imported the query you will need to open it up and change the date parameter to the previous month (this will need to occur each time you run it) e.g. for your first data set change the parameters to bweteen 01/08/18 and 29/08/18 this should capture all the FBC results between this period. If you're finding there aren't 10 results then use another measure e.g. LFT (a new query will need to be created for this).

If this still isn't work try the query usin the term "full blood count" instead of "complete blood count".


What date should I put in?

Put the date that the data was collected i.e. your first set of data is submitted by September 10th but the data itself relates to August so put an August date in the first column of the spreadsheet and refer to this data as your August data. It's important that the date is entered in a DD/MM/YY format.

I think the graphs have broken.

When entering the data please don't add or delete rows. Only enter data for a maximum of 10 patients each month. If you have less than 10 patients for a given month leave those spaces blank and move on.


What is the PHO's role in the project?

Once involved, PHOs will support their practices by:

  • Participate in planning and implementing the programme.
  • Support and provide facilitation at learning sessions.
  • Encouraging general practices to hold monthly facilitated practice-based meetings to reflect on their patient safety data and identify areas of change to be tested within the practice environment.
  • Supporting general practices by establishing an appropriate infrastructure to successfully implement and sustain the improvements made.
  • Taking part in an ongoing evaluation of the programme.

What is the DHB's role in the project?

  • Coaching and support in quality improvement.
  • Develop, fund and run learning sessions.
  • Lead the development and testing of new change packages.
  • Evaluate outcomes of the Safety in Practice initiative to determine future direction and participation.

Learning Sets

What happens at a learning set?

Learning sets are vital to Safety in Practice. Quarterly, practices come to share challenges and successes, learning improvement skills and understand the programme in more depth. Learning sets last approximately three hours, are held in the evening at a convenient location and include dinner.

Is attendance mandatory?

As learning sets are vital to the programme it is important that three representatives from a practice (the Patient Safety Champion team) attend learning sets.

How do I RSVP?

Complete the online registration on the Events section of our website.

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